USB Flash Drive Recovery Repair Houston

usb flash drive data recovery repair
CompuTechs+ offers USB drive data recovery, flash drive data recovery, memory stick data recovery, and camera memory card data recovery. Recovered data is stored on a DVD data backup disc, which is included in all of the prices listed below (each extra disc is $14.99 extra).

If you are not local to the Chicago, IL area, send us your flash drive (please send it in a small box, not an envelope). We will repair & return your flash drive (we ship back for FREE). For more info on mail in usb flash drive repair and recovery, please give us a call, or simply send us an email – Instructions will be provided for you.

usb flash drive repair
USB Drive Data Recovery, Flash Drive Data Recovery, and Memory Stick Data Recovery: $199.99
-broken USB drive soldering service
-deleted USB drive data service
-file format errors
-deleted file recovery
-DVD data backup, up to 4GB