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Please note that we are closed for the July 4th holiday starting on the 3rd of July. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please send us an email if you would like to schedule future maintenance of your machine

We come to you, free of charge. Parts too expensive to complete the repair? We only charge $29.99, and we can typically recover your data, in any event.

CompuTechs+ is a Chicago, IL based authorized apple repair, mac repair center, computer repair, web design, and SEO company. Our apple-certified technicians and web pros have been in business since 1997, and have repaired thousands of computers & retrieved data off of thousands of devices..

What do we charge?
That's easy. $179.99 for Apple laptops and $119.99 for PC computers. That includes all labor needed to complete the repair, free pickup and dropoff, but does not include the cost of parts. If we are unable to repair your device, there is no charge.

Don't live in Chicago? No problem. Contact us to arrange to ship your Apple or PC to us (our shipping is cheap!). Looking for Data Recovery? We repair and recover data from hard drives and USB flash drives for flat-rates as well.

Contact us at (312) 361-0329 or for faster service, visit our Contact page.

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Recent Articles:

Macbook Pro Glass Repair – Cracked Glass Replacement

macbook pro no video repair

Do you need your Macbook Pro glass repaired or has the glass been cracked? We can fix that, for a flat-rate. We only use TOUGHGLASS for our products – Toughglass is lighter, stronger, and safer than the original glass.

For 13″ Macbook Pros and Macbooks, we charge a flat-rate of $149.99.

For 15″ Macbook Pros, we charge a flat-rate of $149.99.

For 17″ Macbook Pros, we charge a flat-rate of $169.99.

If you are shipping your laptop to our location, please add $20 for return shipping or $50 for overnight shipping. As always contact us if you have any questions!

Macbook Pro Keyboard Repair

Macbook Pro Repair

So, your best buddy, the Macbook Pro (or the unibody Macbook) has trouble with its keyboard? Was it due to a liquid spill or neglect? Doesn’t matter, we can fix the problem. Keyboard replacement for the Macbook Pro is technically a non-replaceable part according to Apple. That means that the Apple store will not actually replace this part, but the entire topcase itself.

We will repair Macbook Pro keyboards, and for a flat-rate of $179.99, plus the cost of the keyboard (keyboards are typically $39.99-59.99).

How long does the replacement take?

We have many keyboards in stock – Most repairs are completed within 24 hours. If we do not have your keyboard in stock, it takes 2-4 business days to receive the keyboard, but the repairs are typically made same-day.

Give us a call at (312) 361-0329 or simply contact us via our contact us page to schedule a repair.

PS3 Repair Costs and Questions

ps3 repair chicago

So, your favorite playtime machine has gone dead, has a red blinking light, a yellow flashing light, won’t power on, or won’t read discs anymore. You’ve come to the right place. CompuTechs+ repairs PS3s so that you can get back to playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto 5,  Battlefield 4, watch Blu-Ray’s, and Netflix. What do we charge to repair PS3s? That’s easy, we have a flat-rate: $79.99.

If your Blu-Ray drive isn’t recognizing discs, the cost is even cheaper (depends on your model).

How long does PS3 repair take?
Typically, the repair itself takes 1-2 hours, depending on your PS3 model (slim, fat, or super-slim), plus we like to perform at least an hour of video/game testing (more if you prefer).

What is the red light of death (red blinking or flashing light) on a Playstation 3?
These errors are commonly associated with ‘cold solder’ points, but can also happen due to many other issues with the PS3. We’ve repaired thousands of PS3s with an extremely high success rate.

What is the yellow light of death (yellow blinking or flashing light) on a PS3?
Again, these errors are typically due to bad, or ‘cold solder’ points on your PS3’s motherboard. We use a reflow method to repair your machine, which re-melts all of the solder to the board, making the machine functional again.

If you’d like to get your machine repaired, please give us a call at (312) 361-0329, or send us an email via our contact page.

Apple and Mac Water or Liquid Damage Spill Repair Fix

macbook pro toughglass

Spill liquid or water on your apple or pc laptop, accidentally spilled water on your apple laptop? Not a problem. One of our techs, Jim, has developed a 3-step process that gives CompuTechs+ a 95% laptop repair success rate for laptops. The process takes just a few hours to complete, and we’ve been blown away by its success. Best part is that if you do have liquid damage on your mac laptop, just mention this post & if the repair is not successful you will get a discounted diagnostic rate of $29.99 – We’re that confident with our process. If successful, then the rate is our current $179.99 flat-repair-rate.

What to do if you spill on your laptop: Turn the laptop off immediately, unplug it, remove battery (if possible). After that, place white rice in a tub (with a cover), and place a single or double layer of paper towels on the rice (**DO NOT ALLOW ANY RICE INTO THE MACHINE — IF RICE GETS INTO THE MACHINE, THIS COULD CAUSE A SHORT TO OCCUR AS ONCE RICE ABSORBS LIQUID IT CAN STILL PASS ELECTRICITY**), and place the laptop upside down on the paper towels. Leave for 2-7 days, depending on the amount of liquid spilled on the machine. We do not recommend attempting to turn the laptop on, mainly because there could be excess liquid still remaining inside the laptop. Better safe than sorry, but if you have a $1500+ laptop, our flat-repair rate is well worth the cost.

What kind of liquids are the worst? We’ve found that although smelly & sticky, that anything other than water seems to have the least amount of damage on the machine. That being said, water-based liquid damage is probably the worst – in the 5% (unsuccessful liquid damage repairs), they were almost all water based spills.

Speed Up Your Computer in 4 Steps [How to]


Lets get that computer tuned-up (if you have an Apple computer, you might want to read about speeding up your Mac with Onyx). In this writing, I will not be talking about computer repair or apple repair, but regular computer/laptop maintenance.

Performing these updates and running this software will keep your pc or apple computer clean, secure, and fast

Overview: First we delete unecessary and temporary files from your computer. Then we organize the data on the drive. Next we protect the computer from spyware and scan for malware. Finally, we wrap up with operating system optimizations, patch security holes, and update software and/or drivers.

Click here to read the rest of this article »

CompuTechs+ now an official, authorized ToughGlass install company

macbook pro toughglass

Buy single Macbook and Macbook Pro glass pieces here:

CompuTechs+ is now an authorized ToughGlass installation and repair service center for Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro (for 13″ or 13.3″, 15″ or 15.4″, and 17″) laptops that have a cracked or broken screen. ToughGlass is the industry leader for glass replacements, and we are happy to be working with them to repair all of our Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro glass repairs. CompuTechs+ apple repair offers mail-in service or if you are located in Chicago, you can drop your computer off with us for same-day service.

What do we charge? For 13″ Macbook or Macbook Pro laptops, we charge $149.99 – For 15″ Macbook Pro apple laptops, we charge $159.99 – For 17″ Macbook Pro glass repair, we charge $179.99. If you need us to ship the laptop back to you, we charge $24 for return shipping. If you plan on shipping a laptop to us, please contact us so that we can provide the correct address & our recommended packing instructions.

Just want a piece of glass? No problem. We charge $48.99 (shipping included) for 13″ Macbook and Macbook Pro glass pieces & $58.99 (shipping included) for 15″ Macbook Pro glass pieces. You can buy the pieces right here (SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN ALL PRICES):

Macbook Pro A1229 “No Video” Repair Services 820-2132-A 820-2023-A

macbook pro no video repair

Has your Macbook Pro screen gone black? If you have determined that the machine still runs, but just does not display video, CompuTechs+ can help. If you are not local to Chicago, no problem. If you are, we offer flat-rates for Macbook Pro no video repair at $149.99 (this price includes everything except the cost of parts if they are necessary).

If you just want us to repair your board (if you remove the board from your machine), the cost is just $99.99 to attempt a repair. If you are shipping your board to us, the cost is just $109.99 (return shipping included).

If you have any questions about Macbook Pro no video repair, just send us an email by contacting us.

What is the Yellow Light of Death (PS3)?

yellow light of death repair

We get a lot of PS3’s here in the shop at CompuTechs+, and one of the questions our customers have is: What causes the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) in PS3s?

The short answer is that a few things can cause a YLOD error.

Primarily, the cause is cold solder points (basically, ‘bad’, poorly-calculated solder metal percentages, or cheap solder causes the motherboard of the PS3 to fail. If this is the case, it causes a video error, and you receive a YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) error. This can be fixed by reflowing (also called Re-Balling) the motherboard. This involves using a digitally-controlled heating element to heat the board to the appropriate temperature, thus re-melting the solder so that the solder points are correctly connected to the board.

Alternatively, the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) error can also be caused by a faulty hard drive, however this is rare among Playstation 3 consoles. Hard drive failure can be a physical or logical error, and we can diagnose or repair your PS3 for a flat-rate of $69.99. Give us a call or send us an email.